And That’s All Folks!

Hey everybody, the submissions are officially CLOSED.

*cue fanfare and confetti*

Thank you to everyone who submitted! I’m sure this is how you’re all feeling:












We’ve got an inbox bursting at the seams and we can’t wait to read your work 🙂

Since we have received so many submissions, we only ask that you please be patient as we work through each batch. Keep in mind, writers, that it may be a few weeks until you officially hear any word from us about your piece. But, I promise that you will get an email about the status of your piece!

Thank you again and for all your hard work!


Jessica W.

The Deadline Cometh!

Hello writers! You’ve got less than 24 hours left to send in your submissions for this year’s Volume 52! Check the link above for a quick refresh on Submission Guidelines. We look forward to seeing your work! 🙂


Jessica W.