Submission Guidelines


Submissions are NOW OPEN for Volume 62.

Anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit to Mosaic.

 We accept the following creative pieces:
-prose (both fiction and creative non-fiction)
-visual art
-ten-minute plays
We do not accept research papers; however, UCR is also home to Audeamus – a multidisciplinary honors journal – and the Undergraduate Research Journal.

Please follow the guidelines below when sending in your submission. Submissions that DO NOT follow these guidelines will not be considered. 


You may submit up to four (4) poems in total. Each poem should begin on a new page of a single document and be attached as a .pdf or .doc.

Poetry submissions may be of any style, including free verse, prose poem, sonnet, limerick, and haiku.

If submitting more than one piece, please attach them as separate files.

Fiction | Creative Non-Fiction | Plays

You may submit up to four (4) pieces, no longer than 8,000 words combined in total. This can constitute several shorter pieces or one longer piece. Submissions exceeding this word count will not be reviewed.

If submitting more than one piece, please attach them as separate files.

Prose pieces must have 1.5 spacing. Plays should be properly formatted.

Visual Art | Photography

You may submit up to four (4) pieces, attached as separate .jpg files. The minimum required resolution is 300 dpi for photographs of artwork and 720p for videos.

Acceptable visual art includes paintings (oil, watercolor, acrylic), drawings, sculpture, embroidery, art collage of mixed media, screen-printing, silkscreen, intaglio, paper collage, digital art, etc.

Video compilations of art pieces are acceptable, but will only be published in the web edition and are limited to 2 minutes each. QR codes will be used to access videos.